Ladies Your Health Is More Important Than Your Hair

Posted on April 28, 2016 By

LadiesIf you are like me then you love for your hair to look nice! I love wearing my hair down, but unfortunately when I started exercising diligently my hair didn’t stand the sweat test lol. I had to make a decision to wear my hair in ways that could endure my new healthier lifestyle. That meant I had to find alternative hair styles that still looked nice but would not sweat out.

Now if your hair doesn’t sweat out that is awesome! But for many of us women when our hair gets wet it doesn’t hold up very well. When my hair gets wet it gets real kinky and it is very hard to manage. If you hair doesn’t hold up well during workouts you can’t let that stop you from working out. You have to make your health more important than your hair.

It is a great idea to find hairstyles that are still trendy but can endure your exercise regimen. You are a fabulous woman and you can probably ROCK any hairstyle and still look great! While it may not be your favorite hairstyle at the moment you can get used to it. And if you try a sweat resistant hairstyle and you don’t like it, then just change it up and keep at it until you find amazing new and trendy styles that support your healthy lifestyle.

The key is to develop the mindset that nothing is going to block you from exercising… not even your hair. Changing your hairstyle might seem painful, but the health benefits from your physical activity program can be priceless. So make your health more important than your hair. You can do it!